About Us

The Law Office of Todd M. Morgan, PLLC in Adrian, MI, has extensive experience providing high-quality legal representation to all our clients.

Todd Morgan has always gravitated toward his desire to serve others. He served his country as a Navy nuclear machinist for six years and is a Desert Storm veteran. So opening a law firm in 2011 and serving those who needed him in the community is just a part of who he is. But getting to where he is today took a lot of work.

Todd grew up in Alpena, MI. He has worked as a forensic security aide for the Michigan Department of Community Health and was a financial analyst for the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs’ Michigan Rehabilitation Services agency.

After completing his MBA from Cleary University, Todd took the LSATs and scored high enough to receive a full scholarship to the Thomas M. Cooley Law School. So as he raised a family and worked full-time, Todd went to school to get his law degree. While in law school, Todd earned the school’s highest academic average within his first trimester of study, was ranked in the top 7th percent of his graduating class, and graduated with magna cum laude honors. Todd also continues to participate in his alumni maters’ Serve to Soldiers program, which provides returning veterans with legal assistance.

Todd enjoys helping others and is able to do this through his legal representation. He enjoys helping people find a satisfactory solution to the difficult times they are going through.

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