The Law Office of Todd M. Morgan, PLLC in Adrian, MI, offers reasonable rates for our high-quality legal representation. In addition to our rates listed below, we also offer a fixed fee, or hourly rates for services and can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


A simple Will is $200.

A Power of Attorney for Health Care is $100.

A Financial Power of Attorney is $100.

Wills, power of attorneys, and financial power of attorneys are also highly suggested as an estate planning package. If all three are purchased together the price is $300 for all three.

If two individuals would like all three documents, the price for two people for all six documents is $500. The pair of individuals do not have to be related, although they could be, for example a husband and wife, parent and child over the age of 18, two friends, etc.

Basic chapter 7 bankruptcy is $1,500 which includes the filing fee.